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Dr. Sean Surfas is the founder of TOTAL Programs, a provider of education and training to individuals with Autism and development disabilities.  He is a School Psychologist, Licensed Educational Psychologist, and Certified Behavioral Analyst.  Prior to launching his own company, Dr. Surfas was employed by the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Division of Special Education and worked as a private consultant.

He has taught at a number of leading California  institutions of higher education and is currently an adjunct instructor at California State University, Los Angeles, Northridge and San Bernardino in their Schools of Education.  He speaks frequently on educational psychology, including presentations to the Association of Behavioral Analysis, the California Association of School Psychologists and the Association of Applied Behavior Analysis and Therapy.

Dr. Surfas is a member of the following organizations: California Association of School Psychologists, the Los Angeles County Office of Education Autism Task Force Committee, the National Association of School Psychologists, the Autism Society of America and a past board member of the Association of Behavior Analysis and Therapy/Southern California. In 2015, he was awarded outstanding school psychologist by CASP.   He is married to Patrice  and has a daughter, Millie.

Dr. Sean Surfas
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