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Behavior InterventionHow am I going to get through tomorrow? I barely made it through today! If you have had this thought, it may be time to seek in-home Behavior Intervention services. Research shows that families living with children with special needs have a higher level of overall stress, however luckily there are scientifically verified techniques that support stress reduction, and improve the home environment. Our Behavior Intervention services are specifically designed for your family’s needs and target real life challenges keeping your child from “integrating” into his or her own family lifestyle.

Behavioral professional  working with a child.

Because of the nature of behavior change procedures, it is necessary for those people interacting the most with the individual at home, to participate in the therapy. Our goal is to teach the caregiver strategies (based in the science of Behavior Analysis) to increase their child’s compliance and motivation to participate in daily living and family activities. Additionally, the caregivers will learn how to react to problem behaviors in order to decrease the likelihood that specific behavior will occur again tomorrow. We know that the best way to change our children’s behavior is to change our behavior!

After our Behavior Intervention services, our clients are able to successfully get through their day without problem behaviors interfering. This can include smoother transitions from highly preferred activities to daily living tasks that may be non-preferred by the child. Each of the individuals receiving treatment will leave the program with a functional way to communicate with those in their natural environment. Residual effects of the program reduce overall caregiver stress as well as promote a higher quality of life for the family.

The Behavior Specialist’s at TOTAL Programs complete continuing education units throughout the year, and are closely supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts so that they can provide the highest quality of service to your family.

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TOTAL Programs supports its clients with a dedicated and experienced team of funding experts within our agency.
We work with several major Health Insurance networks, Regional Centers and also accept private payment to cover services.
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