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Functional Analysis Assessment

TOTAL Programs can be contracted by the school district to conduct Functional Analysis Assessments. If your special education student exhibits behaviors that interfere with learning, an FAA is the mandatory form of assessment in California.

The format of an FAA is based on ABA principles and concepts. Functional Analysis Assessments through TOTAL Programs include:

  • Observation of the targeted behavior for an accurate definition and description of the frequency, duration, and intensity.
  • Observation of the immediate antecedent events associated with each instance of the display of the targeted inappropriate behavior
  • Systematic observation and analysis of the consequences following the display of the behavior to determine the function the behavior serves for the student, i.e., to identify the specific environmental or physiological outcomes produced by the behavior. The communicative intent of the behavior is identified in terms of what the student is either requesting or protesting through the display of the behavior
  • Ecological analysis of the settings in which the behavior occurs most frequently
  • Review of records for health and medical factors which may influence behaviors (e.g. medication levels, sleep cycles, health, diet)
  • Review of the history of the behavior to include the effectiveness of previously used behavioral
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