Functional Behavior

Functional Behavior Assessment

TOTAL conducts a thorough evaluation of each client to assess his or her individual needs and determine what type of behavioral supports are most likely to promote and support positive behaviors. Working with the family, we develop an individual treatment plan tailored for implementation at home, school or other community that will be monitored  by TOTAL supervisors to ensure ongoing progress and success.

“The evaluation, referred to a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), is considered to be a problem-solving process for addressing the behaviors interfering in the individual’s life. It utilizes many techniques to identify the purpose of specific behavior and help us select interventions to directly target problem behaviors. Additionally, we assess the individual’s skill level in areas vital to successful living (e.g., communication, social, adaptive) using standardized tools. This way, we can accurately develop goals in deficit areas and individual teaching strategies to improve these skills. We strongly believe that the foundation to successful living is having the skills to self-advocate in a socially acceptable way, and to be able to conduct daily living tasks independently, in other words not having to rely on others to meet your basic needs.”

Parents, regional center, and insurance agencies can contract our Board Certified Behavior Analysts to conduct Functional Behavior Assessments in isolation or in combination with our behavior services.

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TOTAL Programs supports its clients with a dedicated and experienced team of funding experts within our agency.
We work with several major Health Insurance networks, Regional Centers and also accept private payment to cover services.
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