Behavior Respite

The behavior respite program is designed to help families in their home environment by providing relief so they can attend to their own needs. Our staff is trained to provide optimal care and supervision to ensure the individual’s safety in the absence of family members. Our staff is trained to use research based interventions that are based on Applied Behavior Analysis and the individual’s current behavior plan. The focus of the program is to help individuals improve their ability to take care of their own needs and perform daily living skills, such as communications, socialization and daily routines that would normally be performed by family members. This program is goal-oriented and the staff focuses on strengthening the individual’s self-help and daily living skills every session while family member can take a break with confidence that their loved ones are safe.

Funding Sources

TOTAL Programs supports its clients with a dedicated and experienced team of funding experts within our agency.
We work with several major Health Insurance networks, Regional Centers and also accept private payment to cover services.
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